Finding Out The Nature Of Your Job And Its Impact On Weight Gain

According to the modern research, there are certain jobs that suggestively are related to greater risks of obesity as compared to others.

Examples of which include the job of truck drivers as well as material-moving and transportation employees. Some other jobs related to higher probability of obesity and weight in gain are as follows:

i. Defensive services

ii. Workers of cleaning and building-services

iii. Workers of mechanics and repair

iv. Workers at clerical and administrative positions

v. Salesmen

vi. Executives or managers.

Other than nature of the job, other risk factors linked to greater rates of obesity were aging, being male and being less qualified.

The Factors Considered during data collection:

A research was conducted taking in twenty-eight professions. Data was collected with the help of health survey via making phone calls.

Following types of information were considered during data collection:

i. Information regarding demographics

ii. Levels of smoking

iii. State of physical activity when at job

iv. State of physical activity while free time

v. The amount of consumed vegetables and fruits by the workers

30000+ participants of the age ranging from 18-65 working in WDC were part of this research. Out of which, ¼ of the group were detected as obese falling in the range of a BMI of 30 or more, and that is nearly thirty-six % of the US population.


The results of this research have shown that the levels of obesity and the attitudes related to health-risk linked with obesity depends significantly upon based on the nature of your job.

Which means, the link of the nature of your job has a considerable impact on your health status.

Tips to avoid gaining weight while at work:

Following are few suggestions to assist you staying healthy and consume healthy regardless of the nature of your job:

i. Be physically active: Make wise use of your lunch break for incorporating it in physical activity.

ii. Go for a brisk walk: In case the nature of your job is to work by sitting only make an attempt to head towards a hurried walk in between your working hours. In this way, you will be going to lose some extra calories as well as you will be refreshed.

iii. Say no to free treats: I know it’s hard to say no to free treats but it’s healthy for your body to stay away from such delights.

iv. Avoid skipping meals: Skipping meals can lead you to gain weight as when you starve yourself for too long, the next time you consume a large amount of food to fulfill your appetite. In fact, most of the times, you end up consuming fatty and sugary foods that appear more satisfying. Therefore, be it your regular habit to take your meals at a regular time.

v. Have a healthy lunch box: Keep with you a box of healthy food so to consume it during your lunch break. This will stop you from eating junk food or order whatever is readily available during your lunch break.

Things To Remember While Quitting Sugar For Good

Most of us have a sweet tooth and often crave for the chocolates, cookies, gummy bears or sweets. Sugar is an important component in human blood and body, but it can often cause problems like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and many others. Most of the sugar is hidden in food which might seem healthy including biscuits, cakes, gummy bear, yogurt, peanut butter and even toothpaste. Although these sweets are mild and seem not hurtful, these might add up to the blood sugar level and be harmful in the long run.

Sugar is healthy for body and it may also affect most of the function of the body depends on the type of sugar. Let’s take the example of sugar name Fructose found in many plants is sugar, according to experts, it will cause diabetes, hypertension and increased oxygen demand of heart (heart needs oxygen to function) and heart rate. It will also increase inflammation and insulin resistance metabolism disturbance.

What Is the Zero Sugar Diet?

There are many books available on the internet and bookstores which will allow the person to quit sugar diet and convert into zero sugar diet. A book written by an expert will help you get rid of the sugary diets within two phases. The first phase will last 14 days, and the person has to eat a lot of fiber-rich foods, and avoid sugar diet. This phase will be helpful in losing weight, detoxifying the body, balance the hormonal level in the body.

Fiber might not sound tasty or enjoyable, but it will help the person shed the extra pounds and help relieve the fat in your tummy, the experts write in the book. The first phase will be all about eating fibers to help combat the cravings of sugar.

The other phase will be known as Zero Sugar Sustain program; it will help you to train your brain again to eat foods rich in fibers more than foods rich with sugar. The helpful things can be found in the book about the planning of your diet, finding low sugary foods in fast-food chains.

Rewiring Your Brain

Our brain is the most complicated organ in the whole human body and when we make a habit of something it is imprinted in our brain. Hence, it ‘s hard to remove those imprints from the brain easily. However, the brain can be retrained or rewired to change the habits, similarly eating and consuming sugar is also what is imprinted in our brain from our childhood.

By using the plan of 14 days usage of fiber-rich food and fifteen days of zero sugar sustain program can help anyone change his/her habit of consuming higher sugar levels.

According to a pilot study, the researcher found out that people who avoided sugar rich foods for 14 days stopped using sugar altogether and claimed that they do not have sugar cravings anymore.

Artificial sweeteners are also not recommended because they trick the brain into thinking that you are consuming sugar while you actually are not which will create more insulin and cause central obesity eventually.

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